In the previous article, we talked about the introductory paragraph (see here). Now, continuing the previous model, let’s write the development paragraphs. You have seen that the introduction presents the ideas that will give rise to the two development paragraphs (or one or three … depends on the maximum number of lines allowed).

Note: This is just a development paragraph template that we’re suggesting to you. There is no specific and rigorous standard for writing a dissertation. You develop your own style of writing.

Let’s review the introduction we created in the previous article:

  • “The internet is part of modern society and is a hallmark of today’s culture. Its main positive aspect is the ease of access to knowledge and information, however its misuse can harm its users in many ways. What characterizes it as beneficial or evil is the way it is used. “

Note that the introduction presents two ideas along with the thesis (one is in blue and the other is in green). Each of these ideas will give rise to a paragraph of development.

Development is the paragraph that will develop the idea that was presented along with the thesis there in the introductory paragraph. This idea should appear in the first developmental period (ie from the capital letter to the first point) and it will be the main idea of ​​the development paragraph, getting a new name: topic phrasal.

Therefore, the topic-phrasal is the main idea of ​​the paragraph (it is the idea that sums up the whole paragraph in one or two lines). After the topic-phrasal appear the arguments (that will develop the main idea of ​​the paragraph) and, finally, we have the closing (or “closing”) of the paragraph (to avoid that the development finishes of “nothing”, without having a ” closure”).

Based on this, let’s make the first paragraph of development.

Idea: “Its main positive aspect is the ease of access to knowledge and information”

Corresponding paragraph (suggestion):

  • Among many positive aspects, what stands out most among the benefits of the internet is the character of its accessibility. It is simple to publish and access content from the most varied fields of knowledge, which represents a power of access to information never witnessed before in the technological history of the world. Through the internet, the user can find large collections of digitized books, visit specialized content pages and also track updated information through large news portals. Thus, one can affirm the internet ushered in a new generation and a new culture, which is characterized by globalization and the universal accessibility of information never seen before.
  • In red, we have the topic phrasal, structure that concentrates the main idea of ​​the paragraph (that was presented in the writing introduction, along with the thesis). In the blue section, which is the “core” of the paragraph, we argue and develop the central idea of ​​the paragraph, namely: we are concerned with convincing the reader that the great benefit of the internet is access to information and content . And finally, the purple part represents the closing of the paragraph, where we conclude that the internet has come to characterize a new generation, characterized by people who have the power to access information in a way never seen before. Closure is the part of the paragraph that gives a completion tone (to help, you can begin closing with some conclusive element such as “being thus”, “thus”, “this way”, “soon”, “then”, etc).

Note that the development paragraph is really a “miniature essay” consisting of introduction (phrasal topic), development (arguments, ie the “kernel”) and completion (closing or closing).

Let us now, for the second paragraph of development:

  • Idea: however, its misuse can harm its users in numerous ways.

Corresponding paragraph:

  • However, the big problem with the Internet is that it has flaws that compromise the security of its users. Because it is public and global, it is used by many types of people and they can have different purposes and objectives, which compromises network security. This fact is further aggravated by the issue of anonymity, which facilitates crimes such as racism, pedophilia, theft of personal information, false identities and plagiarism. In addition, the network is vulnerable to hacking actions, which are capable of hacking into corporate accounts, from individuals, and even from the government itself. All this shows that the internet, despite facilitating access to information, is an insecure environment and therefore requires caution on the part of its users.

As in the previous paragraph, in red we present the topic phrasal, which reveals the central idea of ​​the paragraph. In blue we have the whole argumentative structure, which was constructed in such a way as to convince the reader to accept the main idea presented by the phrasal topic. And, finally, we have the closing of the paragraph (in the purple color), where we conclude and reaffirm that the internet is really insecure, a fact that requires care on the part of the users who navigate in it.

You have realized that to develop, you have to argue. For this, there are some techniques of argumentation, for example: Cause and Consequence, Exemplification, Quotations, Counter-Argument, and Facts and Concepts